Lotus, the flower of Vietnam, reflects purity of the body and speech; althougt rooted in the mud, its flowers can blossom on long stalks floating above muddy waters in a remarkable expression of beauty. Jasmine, a popular flower in Thailand, is symbolic of purity and gentleness


Our Vision & Mission

Lotus & Jasmine aims to provide an integrated hospitality solution to welcome responsible travelers from all over the world to Thailand and Vietnam. We have selected the most promising locations in both countries to open 4 boutique hotels and restaurants, two in Da Nang and two in Pattaya.

They will be ideally situated in popular touristic destinations, with easy access and at walking distance to the beach, attractions, shopping centers.

In terms of our product package, we have designed a proven business ecosystem including high-end lodging, organic restaurants with a "farm-to-table concept" which integrates our self-constructed supply chain from sourcing to food production. In addition we shall establish our own food facility for both food production and delivery.

We will provide a one-stop touristic services for responsible travelers and those who would like to create positive impact to both environment and local communities.

The Lotus & Jasmine project was created with a combination of both expertise and enthusiasm in sustainability and green economy. The founder of this project has more than 25 years’ experience in hospitality. Together with an experienced highly skilled team, we and our business partners are familiar at excellence and performance when it comes to hospitality projects.

Lotus & Jasmine will offer a "Meaningful Vacation" experience. Our boutique eco-friendly hotels and organic restaurants will showcase a range of activities with strong focus on awareness, environment, and beneficial to both tourists and local communities

We aim to enhance the guest's experience by creating moments of responsible tourism and generating a positive impact on environment, society and economy.

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