Lotus & Jasmine and the Sustainable Development Goals

Lotus & Jasmine’s core value lies in the sustainability promises and the delivery of these promises.  Our philosophy and practices are in great alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN. 

The 17 sustainable development goals are not catchphrases, instead, they are our project’s guideline, and the reference of our code of conduct. In order to align our business goals with the green and sustainable initiatives, we have developed our “30 rules," which build up the foundation for the execution of both project construction and future management:😮

Boutique Hotels

1. Solvent-free organic wall paint, without chemicals, toxins, and additives

2. All furniture is custom made with reclaimed wood

3. Decor elements are in reclaimed leather and organic material

4. Bamboo eco-friendly curtains

5. Reclaimed wood flooring for the living room and bedroom areas

6. Artwork selected and purchased locally

7. Natural stone used for shower cabin

8. Energy-saving lights bulbs

9. Shower with aerating shower head, saving both water and energy

10. Sink with automatic faucet

11. Upholstery in organic cotton for sofas and couches

12. Bamboo bath mats, trash cans, toothbrush holders (single - use)

13. Chemical free and 100% organic toiletries

14. Plastic-free rooms

15. Toilet paper in recycled material

16. Daily activities associated with one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

17. All rooms are equipped with a bicycle

18. All rooms are equipped with compost bins. Guests are encouraged to recycle

19. All rooms are equipped with water glasses or ceramic mugs

20. Paper towels or tissues are replaced with cloth napkins to be washed together with towels and linens

21. Plates, cups and cutlery are made of biodegradable material

22. Air conditioning switches off immediately when guests close the door on their way out

23. Key cards are used to switch on the lights

24. Vegetarian and vegan options are available at the restaurant, room service or at the breakfast corners


25. We cook what is in season

26. We change menus items 4 times a year and we have specials every day to serve the freshest food possible and minimize wastage

27. We source products locally and we partner only with suppliers and family oriented businesses that follow sustainable practices

28. We have in place a “waste reduction” policy and we try our best to implement practices that reduce almost to zero the wastage, such as strict inventories and expiration dates control as well as responsible purchasing.

29. We joined charitable organizations to donate leftover to people in need. 


30. To cut down on paper usage, we offer an option of remote check in and check out. Guests are invited to join our daily activities during their staying, all linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future. For more information about the daily activities and the 17 SDG, the program is available at the front desk and on the board in the living room. We encourage eco-friendly transportation methods and our guests are free to use the bicycle available in each room.