Boutique Hotels

Eco-friendly rooms

Reclaimed wood furniture

Ocean recycled plastic decor elements

Easy access to all beaches and other popular natural attractions 

Excellent service

Environment-friendly features

Organic Restaurants. International & Local Cuisine.

Organic food, “Farm to Table” concept

Vegetarian & vegan menus available

Additional refined local cuisine

Best locations in busy areas, close to shopping centers and tourist attractions

Short distance to major hotels & resorts

Online Platform 

Organic and “ready to eat” food for both private and wholesale markets

In-house preparation

Food delivery using self-owned delivery company

Local residents and expats


Beach cleaning


Guided tours


Local Activities

Beach cleaning, charity events, awareness campaigns

“No food waste” culinary training 

City bike equipped rooms

Educational activities 

Lotus & Jasmine to donate 10% profit to charity 

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